About us

Let me tell you my story.

I am Lionel Humbert, 53, proud father of 2, still living in a quiet part of Lorraine, the region where I was born and raised.

In the 20th century, the humble villages and forests of Lorraine were ravaged, hacked, and forever transformed by two World Wars, which scarred forever our buildings, nature and souls. As young boys, many of us were searching every ground, attic, nooks and crannies for any object or artefact left behind, witnessing these dramatic periods. They belonged to the generation of our parents and grandparents, and in a way, they were part of our family history too.

Early on, pictures and documents started to fascinate and obsess me. Over the years, this passion developed into my life’s quest.

What better than the expression on a soldier’s face to convey what words alone cannot render?   

What can be more moving that these “old papers” to pass on a story, a fate, whether glorious or tragical?

In 2005, whilst director of a congress centre at the French-German border, I decided to quit this career to make of my devouring passion, the fuel and object of my waking and working hours.

For close to 15 years now, I have dedicated myself to this craft. Along the way, Internet changed everything, as it did with pretty much everywhere else. Long gone are the days of mailing B&W copies across the world, waiting impatiently for weeks for a reply or parcel.

Today, I am a moderator for the “Soldbuch & Wehrpass” category of “Wehrmacht Awards”, one of the world leading online forum for WW2 collectors, as well as for several Facebook groups for documents collectors. I take great pride in my work, and to serving each client to the utmost standard of professionalism. My 20,000+ reviews on Ebay speak for themselves when it comes to the swift and spotless service I have always strived to deliver.

Please do not hesitate to question me about your documents’ nature and authenticity, I will always be here to help, time and specific knowledge permitting. If you consider selling whole or part of your collection, I can help you assess and estimate its worth, and put you in touch with the right partners. Let me know about your search: I might be able to help you, today or tomorrow.

I have now to wish you a great visit on this website! I hope you will find it useful and inspiring. I will be enriching and refreshing its content regularly. Please do not hesitate to share what improvement, sections, features you would like to see so that I can improve it over time. My biggest reward will be to know you are coming back and engaging with the pieces I am putting up here, and with the community.

Thank you for your time and interest.

Sincerely yours,


June 2019