TOP Photoalbum II./Pz.Gren.Rgt.59 (20.Pz.Div.) from Stfw Steltzer 213 Photos + orig.Drawings !

790,00 €

Great photo album containing over 210 original Photos, original drawings, postcards, ducuments and also some repros gathered after the war during veteran conventions. Belonged to Stabsfeldwebel STELTZER who served with II.Btl./Sch.Rgt.59 (later Pz.Gren.rgt.59). Partially captioned. Great SPW Photos, divisional Insignias on vehicles, russian female partisans in Uniform, named officers. The drawings are period and were given to St. after the war. Great and untouched photoalbum. Big size approx.47x32cm, weight 3kgs.

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