Rare Photo Group KC Field Ceremony Major GOLLE July 1940 Saint-Mihiel (F), Winner of "Kerfent" Maginotline Bunker !

270,00 €

Rare Group consisting of 15 original Photos, most approx 9x6, oner large Portrait 23,5x17,5 Portrait representing Major Joef Gollé (I./I.R.339, 167.I.D.). Gollé received the KC from the hands of Fieldmarshall von Rundstedt for the conquest of the fortifications knot "Kerfent", part of the famous "Maginot line" in eastern France. These Pics have been for a long time in my personal collection and are looking for a new owner ! The postcard sized Photo with winter camouflaged Helmets were originally part of the Group in which these historical Photos were found, and will remain with it.

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